Hi, I’m Sheila Burris Scorziello, and I welcome you! Bible Spotlight is a Mission Italia site, which some of you may already follow to learn what God is doing in Italy. If not, I invite you to, as we and our beautiful nation need your prayers!

My husband Mario and I have been in Christian ministry over 30 years, 28 of them on the mission field. And it has become increasingly clear to me that many believers suffer from Biblical illiteracy. Yet most believers relate a desire to grow and mature in the ways of the Lord, and many experience guilt and remorse over not doing better. Most believers would never negate the need of studying the Word. But so few of us actually do it.

So one reason for establishing Bible Spotlight is to ignite a hunger for more of God and his Word — starting in my own life. And then hopefully extending as an aid to others who choose to follow along.

Like most of you, I am not a theologian or scholar, nor can I read Greek or Hebrew. But that may actually be a strong point for Bible Spotlight. It should help keep the posts simple and easy to understand.

I’m simply a disciple thirsty for streams of water. And because I learn best through writing, Bible Spotlight is where I endeavor to know Christ and his Word more. My only prayer is that these posts may inspire and encourage you. Thanks for joining me!

Now, here are 15 random facts about me, in case you’d like to know more… (Which I doubt. 😉 )

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  1. Sheila can mean contented heart and it’s one of my life goals.
  2. I’m a happily married wife of over 40 years, mother of 2, and nonna to 9 grandchildren.
  3. I think with a pen, love the written word, and read most everything, even cereal boxes!
  4. But I most love the Word and its author.
  5. Along our journey of over 50 moves and all kinds of ministry we’ve lived in everything from tents to tarantula-infested campers (shudder), and from nice apartments to ex-chicken coops, so cozy the chickens kept returning!
  6. Simple living, earth care, and finding creative ways to show love in action are very important to me.
  7. I’d love to live in a camper and travel the world. But I can’t convince Hubby.
  8. I don’t like shopping. It stresses me out.
  9. I love hedgehogs, butterflies, ladybugs, flowers, vegetable gardens, chickens, goats, birds, and cats.
  10. I have a dread fear of anything with more than 6 legs.
  11. I am an INFJ on the Meyers-Briggs personality chart. The rarest of personalities they say. (Which really just means I’m weird.)
  12. My true treasures are my husband, family, and many friends around the world. Things are merely useful tools — but among them…
  13. My prized possessions are my solar clocks, cuckoo clock, wool blankets, window screens and shutters, water bottles, pellet stove, feather pillow, and my garden.
  14. My favorite foods are pizza , pasta, espresso, Pocket Coffee, Tiramisu, and gelato. (Am I in the right nation, or what?) 🙂
  15. My favorite places in all the world are Middle Earth and Narnia — they are real, you know!

This is my journey. I have not arrived but am still learning. And I’d love to have you join me!

[Images ©TheScorziellos.]

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. I agree with you that many Christians simply don’t know enough of the Word of God. That is the main reason I include so many scriptures in my own blog posts. And like you, writing my blog helps me to learn more of God’s Word too. I enjoyed learning more about you and your life. You have certainly lived a full one thus far! May God continue to bless you and guide you. 🙂


    1. Thanks Shari! God is good. Yes, he has taken us down a varied path, and life has been full. If Bible Spotlight encourages even one person to delve into the Scriptures and know them more, that will be more than enough for me!!


  2. Sheila, we are blessed that you have found God’s grace and God’s glory ~ not just my blog.
    I look forward to our sharing how the Lord is working in our lives to glorify Him and enjoy Him, now and forever.
    Have a blessed week. ~ Fran


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