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Welcome, I’m Sheila, with over 40 years of married bliss, 2 kids, and 9 grandkids. I’m also blessed to be a missionary in the beautiful land of Italy, going on 30 years. {You can learn more about Italy and follow my everyday life over at Pursuing My Own Path. I’d love to have you join me!}

Like most of you, I am not a theologian or scholar, nor do I read Greek or Hebrew.

I’m just a simple disciple hungry for God’s presence and Word, which used to worry me. “Who am I to teach or help others? I don’t know enough.”

Until reading one day that Elisabeth Elliot once said, “I am not a theologian or a scholar, but…” And then went on to say that she had known and experienced the presence and love of God. That was the message God gave her and which she shared throughout her life.

I’m not a scholar, theologian, or anyone special. Nor even a great missionary or mighty woman of God like Elisabeth Elliot!

But I have learned that God doesn’t call us because we are gifted or capable. He calls the incapable, like stammering Moses. Gideon, so certain of his own insignificance. Jonah who ran away. And Paul, convinced he was the worst of unworthy sinners. For it is through our lack of ability and capability that his greatness shines through.

And like them, we all have a message to share, a call to fulfill.

Some are called to great things, like Moses at the Red Sea. Others to seemingly small things, like pouring oil from a tiny bottle to wash the Master’s feet. But by embracing whatever he gives us to do, whether great or small, we can show his greatness and glory.

Blogging is the call he has given me. 

Though for many years, like Jonah, I ran from this calling, hopping from one blog to another. Thinking like Moses, that I didn’t have the ability. Like Gideon, certain I was incapable. And like Paul, knowing I wasn’t good enough.

I could have gone on worrying over what others may think, even people I’ve never met! Or wasting time bemoaning my own inadequacies. Until one day I had an epiphany.

We can bemoan our own lack and inadequacies. Or we can take steps to do something about them.

This blog is where I do that, for it is first and foremost my study site. It is where rather than bemoaning my lack of knowledge and wisdom, I dig deep to acquire them. And where instead of wasting time worrying that people will ask, “Who does she think she is to be doing this?” I concentrate on pleasing God and knowing him more.

For the more we know of him, the more we learn that without him we can do nothing. And with him we can do anything — even the those things which seem difficult and from which we’d like to flee.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, (Philippians 4:13 WEB).

And I pray that this may encourage you, too, to reach out in faith and trust to embrace whatever God has for you. Knowing that he will be with you and help you every step along the way.

[Image by Pexels, via Pixabay.com]

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I agree with you that many Christians simply don’t know enough of the Word of God. That is the main reason I include so many scriptures in my own blog posts. And like you, writing my blog helps me to learn more of God’s Word too. I enjoyed learning more about you and your life. You have certainly lived a full one thus far! May God continue to bless you and guide you. 🙂


    • Thanks Shari! God is good. Yes, he has taken us down a varied path, and life has been full. If Bible Spotlight encourages even one person to delve into the Scriptures and know them more, that will be more than enough for me!!


  2. Sheila, we are blessed that you have found God’s grace and God’s glory ~ not just my blog.
    I look forward to our sharing how the Lord is working in our lives to glorify Him and enjoy Him, now and forever.
    Have a blessed week. ~ Fran


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