About the Bible

The Bible is a unique book. A collection of smaller books, 66 of them joined together, to become what we also know as the Scriptures or the Word of God. It contains about 611,000 words, written by 40 main authors, over a period of 1500 years. Read More »

The Samaritan Woman

She walked a lonely road, water jug hoisted on her shoulder, that Samaritan woman. During the heat of the day she made the trek, her solitary trek, to the village well. Only when certain the others had returned to their fires and garden plots did she venture out. They didn’t welcome her company. No more than she, knowing they despised her, cared for theirs. Read More »

Taxation in Bible Times

Poll tax, salt tax, and crown tax! Wherever they went, along major highways, at city gates, or along quiet country roads, the Israelites encountered the tax booth. The main symbol of foreign domination, and that which most stirred their indignation. Foreign taxation was nothing new to them, but the unscrupulous dealings of the Roman tax-farmers and collectors ignited their fiercest hatred. Read More »

Jews and Gentiles in the Time of Christ

A brief reflection on Jews and Gentiles in the time of Christ.

When Christ appeared on the scene, it was during a time of hatred, factions, and divisions. Judaism was split into three factions: the middle class Pharisees, rich aristocratic Sadducees, and the Essenes who had taken vows of poverty. All three disliked each other and looked down on the Galileans, whom they viewed as uneducated country people. Read More »